The importance of Teacher Assistants for an inclusive education system

This article aims to raise awareness regarding the evidence about Teacher Assistants and show the three figures present in the Catalan education system: the special education educators (EEE), the special education assistants (EEA) and support instructors (known as carers). Thus, the Catalan case is explained, and the different recommended models are collected and integrated, without ignoring the concerns about training, requirements, and contextual conditions. In sum, the importance of conceiving support in a more distributed manner and the adoption of an educational role that goes beyond mere assistance is highlighted.

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Andrea Jardí Ferré
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Jardí, A., Gil-Fraca, S., Fucho, M., Burillo, M. (2019). La importancia del rol del personal no docente de apoyo para un sistema educativo inclusivo. Ámbitos de psicopedagogía y orientación, 51 p.103-112.