Assessment and improvement of socioemotional competencies of students powered by a smart digital toolkit and targeted educational activities applied on physical and online classrooms.

EduCardia aims to develop an assessment methodology focusing on assessing and improving socioemotional competencies of students in primary and secondary educational level. EduCardia tackles both the development of the appropriate SEL material and the development of an online tool (software) that will enable teachers to efficiently apply assessment processes within their classrooms and track the evolution of socioemotional competencies of students. EduCardia is going to be based on an existing open-access Emotional Intelligence (EI) model, known as EmoSocio. This model will be revised to be applied to students in primary and secondary schools. The main outcomes of Educardia include the developed methodology, the revised EI model, the online assessment psychometric tool, the SEL material and the results of the application of the methodology in a number of schools in Greece, Spain, Romania and Cyprus.

2021 to 2024
Tipo de proyecto (innovació | investigación): 
de investigación
Entidad financiera: 
Comisión Europea